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Srpski jezik za stranceKurs Srpski jezik za strance

Apart from having the easiest way of writing and reading, Serbian can get rather complicated when it comes to grammar or certain language rules that even Serbian people find difficult to acquire. However, even though Serbian has a specific script called Cyrillic, the language is unique because Latin alphabet can also be used in writing which makes things exceptionally easier for foreign language learners.

Our Serbian language course is strongly developed for everyone who is in need of learning Serbian as a foreign language and, through lectures of high quality and adequate textbooks, we will help you attain the necessary basics of grammar, vocabulary and the language structure itself and therefore master the Serbian language.

Serbian language course for foreigners lasts four months per level. Also, there are several types of courses and they include:

  • Group classes: 3-6 participants

  • Semi-individual classes: 2 participants

  • Individual classes: One on one

What distinguishes us from other schools is working in small groups and using a teaching
method that will help you learn in your personal learning style. All the knowledgeable teachers in the foreign language school Moment School are professionals. Their main goal is to help you overcome your fear of learning a foreign language and they will therefore help you become self-confident and fluent. Instead of being only your lecturers, our teachers will also be your motivators and they will encourage you to feel more relaxed and ambitious in the whole learning process.

So, if you have a set goal and aim to achieve that goal here in Serbia, enrol at our Serbian language course for foreigners as soon as possible and start working towards fulfilling your goals and dreams. We will be here to help you along the way!

Kurs Srpski jezik za strance
Whether you came to Serbia in order to pursue your career or to visit the country and learn something more about its culture and customs, learning the Serbian language itself is an important part that will enable you to immerse yourself into everything that Serbia has to offer. Therefore, we offer you special courses of the Serbian language that are professionally adapted to everyone coming from foreign countries.